Cincinnati Tax Services

Tax Services for Cincinnati Filers

At Cincinnati Tax Service, speed and accuracy are our game. Our Cincinnati tax services will ensure your taxes are prepared fast! And we guarantee the accuracy—or we’ll fix your return for free.

Our tax preparation services also give you choices. You may choose how to receive your tax refund. You may also choose how to pay for tax preparation fees by taking advantage of our tax service payment options. There are great options for everyone!

E-File for a Faster Refund

Why E-File? The electronic filing option gets you your refund even faster than filing a traditional paper return will! As well, speed up your refund with an electronic Refund Check when you e-file—which may get you your refund even sooner.

For those who prefer their refund being mailed to their home address, this traditional option will have an IRS Direct Check sent to you in just 10-21 days.

Feel free to ask us about the options that best fit your needs. Contact us for details.

What to Bring to Your Tax Preparation Appointment

  1. Driver’s License or other Current Picture ID for you and your spouse
  2. Social Security Cards for:
    • You
    • Your Spouse
    • Your Children
  3. List of Estimated Payments made to the Federal Government, any State, and any Cities
  4. Income Statements:
    • W-2’s
    • 1099’s
    • For interest and dividends
    • For stock sales
    • Retirement income and IRA distributions
    • Self-employment income